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PRP facial rejuvenation is a non-surgical option that leverages the body’s natural healing processes to improve the skin’s appearance and structure.

PRP therapy utilises a concentration of a patient’s own platelets to produce more collagen, which can help heal blemishes, reduce hyperpigmentation, and prevent sagging and improve the skin's appearance and structure.

PRP rejuvenation can be used to treat various areas of the body for cosmetic enhancement. Here are some of the common areas where PRP therapy is applied:

Facial Rejuvenation: It’s widely used for reducing fine lines, wrinkles, and improving overall facial appearance

Under Eye Area: PRP can help with dark circles and hollows under the eyes

Acne Scars: It’s effective in diminishing the appearance of acne scars and other superficial scars

Sun Damage: Areas affected by sun damage and pigmentation

Stretch Marks: PRP therapy can be used on stretch marks located on the abdomen, thighs, and buttocks

Neck and Décolletage: It can improve the appearance of crepey skin on the neck and chest area

Hands: PRP can rejuvenate aged hands, making them look younger and more supple

Our Doctors can treat a variety of issues with PRP Therapy such as:

Chronic tendon pain: Such as achilles tendonitis, tennis elbow, hip and shoulder tendon pain, and plantar fasciitis

Osteoarthritis: Effective for hip, knee, or small joint arthritis

Ligament, Tendon, and Muscle Injuries: PRP can promote healing in these areas

  • A small amount of your blood is drawn, similar to a routine blood test
  • The drawn blood is placed in a centrifuge, which spins at high speed to separate the platelets from other blood components
  • The concentrated platelets are extracted and prepared into platelet-rich plasma
  • The PRP is then injected into the targeted area to promote healing and tissue regeneration

Recovery: After the treatment, you may experience some mild discomfort or swelling, which typically subsides within a few days

PRP treatment is generally not considered painful, but some discomfort may be experienced depending on the individual’s pain threshold and the area being treated. A local anesthetic or a numbing cream may be used to minimise discomfort during the procedure. It’s common to feel some soreness at the treated site for a short period after the injections, which is a normal part of the healing process.

Any problems with bleeding, ability to clot your own blood, or any platelet problems

If on blood thinning medicines or herbs of any sort Anticoagulants drugs, Warfarin, Aspirin, Pradaxa® (Dabigatran) omega 3, ginko biloba, Vitamin E, Ginger (please circle) or anything else that may cause bleeding

  • Chronic Liver Problems
  • Taking Steroids
  • Infection at treatment site
  • Pregnant of Breastfeeding
  • Keloids or hypertrophic scarring - in some patients
  • HIV/AIDS, Hepatitis C, or any immunosuppression drugs

Single Treatment - Face, Scalp, Neck or Décolletage $450
3 x Treatment ($425 ea) $1275
6 x Treatment ($400 ea) (recommended) $2400

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Our website uses cookies to help understand and improve your experience. Please let us know if that's okay by you.