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Ageing is inevitable.. but those lines and wrinkles that give it away don't have to be.

The secret ingredient in Anti-wrinkle injections is the natural protein Botulinum Toxin A. There are 3 main brands used in New Zealand which are Botox, Dysport and Xeomin. Different clients have different preferences so we stock a range but our experts are happy to discuss the merits of the different options with you when you come in.

Anti-wrinkle injections have been used for over a century now for many different medical reasons but mainly to relax muscles and reduce the ageing process by reducing fine lines and wrinkles. There is an art to achieve the best, most natural-looking results as it must be placed in the right muscle, in the correct place, at an ideal dose, by an experienced doctor or nurse. At our NZ College of Appearance Medicine Accredited Clinic, we have a team of highly qualified registered Nurses and Doctors who pride themselves on providing comprehensive care to ensure our clients get the best results every time.

Treat yourself younger

The use of anti-wrinkle injections is the cornerstone of cosmetic medicine, delaying the visible signs of ageing and treating a wide range of medical conditions. In the right hands, it can be subtle and effective and have great results. As Taranaki's only NZCAM fully accredited cosmetic clinic you can trust the skills and expertise of your provider and the clinical environment from which we work.

FAQs - The answers you need

The secret ingredient of Anti-wrinkle injections is Botulinum toxin type A. It is a highly purified natural protein that relaxes muscles by temporarily blocking the nerves signal to the muscle. With the muscle relaxed the overlying skin becomes smoother and less wrinkled. Brand names of Botulinum Toxin are Botox, Dysport and Xeomin. At Skin on Forty-Five, our highly trained team can advise you on which brand might suit you be and we stock multiple brands to make sure we can get the best results for you.

No severe complications after cosmetic use of Botox have been reported in the literature when administered by a trained doctor or nurse in an accredited medical facility…. EVER. It has been used internationally for over 20 years and has been used in NZ for its cosmetic benefits since 1997 with over 20million treatments worldwide. Very rarely excessive weakening of the target muscles and paresis of adjacent muscles can occur, resulting in facial weakness. This is self-limiting. As with all medical procedures, complications can occur and this is why you should always have it administered by a trained Doctor or Nurse in an Accredited facility.

The most common use for Botox is for the reduction of wrinkles, especially in the upper face. The most common areas include the forehead, frown line, crows feet and bunny lines.

Other uses for Botox include:

  • Botox is now the gold standard treatment for excessive sweating or “hyperhidrosis”. It is injected under the skin and prevents the sweat gland muscles contracting and thus sweating. The effect can last for up to 12months and is becoming increasingly popular.
  • Botox is also an effective treatment option for migraines. Studies have shown that 50% of recipients had a reduction of 70% in the number of days affected by headache when using repeated doses of botox.
  • Many other uses for Botox exist in medicine including treating muscle spasms, teeth grinding, hayfever and an overactive bladder.

Botox is injected into or around the muscles that cause the wrinkles, using a very small needle. Several injections are usually needed at specific sites, depending on the area treated. When used to treat excessive sweating in the armpits, Botox is injected directed into the skin under the arms. Localised discomfort and bruises can occur, but no sedation or pain relief is required. Normal activities can be resumed immediately.

The treatment is quick and simple, and takes approximately 15 to 20 minutes, there is no downtime, and no anaesthesia required so you can come in your lunch break and drive back to work afterwards.

You may notice some redness which will subside over approximately 15-20 minutes, and some people may experience a minor headache or bruising. If it’s your first treatment, you might have a ‘tight’ feeling or a sort of ‘heavy’ sensation (particularly with the forehead lines), this should subside within a week or so. If you do have some redness or slight bruising, a dusting of powder mineral makeup will quickly correct this.

Botox usually takes effect 24-72 hours after injection, with maximum effect at about 1 to 2 weeks. Its relaxing of the underlying muscle generally last for approximately 3-4 months. Different companies and injectors claim better longevity but there is significant inter user variability. We offer multiple brands to ensure our clients get the best results for them. Sometimes longer lasting effects (9-12 months) are seen after treatment of excessive sweating. When a gradual fading of the treatment effect is noticed you may return to have another treatment.

The use of Botox is contraindicated in people with neuromuscular disorders such as myasthenia gravis, those who are taking certain medication, pregnant or breastfeeding women, those with infection or inflammation at the proposed site of injections and bleeding disorders.

YES. It is advantageous to have consistent treatment from the same injector as they become familiar with your facial features and personal preferences.

At Skin on Forty-Five, we pride ourselves on our clinical excellence. Before any treatment, our team will perform a comprehensive assessment to determine if muscle relaxants are right for you and design an individualised plan to achieve your goals.

The cost of treatment is dependent upon the number of units used to achieve that plan and will be clarified prior to any treatment. As an example treatment of a forehead might cost as low as $150.

​We have multiple payment plans and the Laybuy app which helps reduce the cost and increase the ease of payment significantly.

​To discuss the cost for the specific area you would like treated contact our team today for an obligation free quote.

Treatment plans

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We get how good our services/products are and would love to make this accessible to as many people who want it. To help out we have our LoveMySkin treatment plans as well as Laybuy and other Easypay options.

Quality cosmetic care you can trust

At Skin on Forty-Five we pride ourselves on providing service of the highest quality, safety and luxury. We are the only Accredited Cosmetic Clinic by the New Zealand Society of Cosmetic Medicine in Taranaki and are lead by Taranaki's only Accredited Cosmetic Doctor. This shows the quality and safety of our services and gives our clients the peace of mind that they are receiving the highest quality care from a team that strive for perfection.

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