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Undo the pigmentation and uneven skin tone caused by all those hours in the harsh New Zealand sun with our Medical-grade Cutera Laser.

As New Zealanders, we spend a lot of time exposed to the rays of the sun and variable weather. It’s a great lifestyle, but over time the accumulated damage can leave skin with dark spots, freckling and uneven skin tone. other conditions such as acne, rosacea and dermatitis can also cause inflammation which contributes to the results of skin ageing and damage. At Skin on Forty-Five we have a range of treatment options that we can tailor to your needs and achieve the best outcomes.

FAQs - The answers you need

Laser and VPL (Varied Pulsed Light) are safe and effective light technologies that are designed to lighten pigmentation and reduce the appearance of ineffective capillaries. The laser delivers a pulse of light energy that passes through the skin. It is absorbed by the pigment (melanin) or redness (haemoglobin). This generates heat which breaks up pigmentation and cauterises capillaries, which is then eliminated from the body in a natural healing response.

No. This is very important to realise as some moles can be hiding dangerous conditions such as Melanoma. Our team of experienced therapists have been trained in the identification of such lesions and we have doctors on-site to review any lesions of concern prior to treatment.

Following the treatment, the pigmentation will initially appear darker and can continue to deepening in colour for 48hours post-treatment. After this time the pigmentation will then being to crust and gradually flake away. This process can take up to 14 days depending on the condition of the skin prior to treatment.

The cost of treatment is dependent upon the size of the area being treated but start as low as $149 per treatment. To discuss the cost for the specific area you would like treated contact our team today for an obligation free quote. We also offer laybuy so you can experience the benefits of our treatments now and pay later.

Those who are: pregnant, have active skin disorders in the area, are currently unwell, excessive UV exposure in previous two weeks or the following two weeks, those prone to keloid scarring and those on Roaccutane.

Caution is required for patients with darker skin types, a history of melasma or post-inflammatory pigmentation and those on certain medications.
Please inform your therapist of any medical conditions, allergies and medications you are currently or have recently been taking as your treatment settings may need to be adjusted.

Skin discomfort, stinging or a burning feeling during the treatment is to be expected. After the treatment, expect skin redness, darkened pigmentation and swelling. This can last up to 3 days. After this, the surface pigmented skin layers may flake away as new tissue regenerates over 14 days. Other complications are rare but our team of experienced professionals will be able to answer any questions when you come in for your treatment.

  • Protect the area from sun exposure with a barrier sunscreen, hat, sunglasses and staying in shade as much as possible. Also avoid tanning beds and artificial tanning.
  • Avoid making the face flush, such as with intense exercise, saunas and excess alcohol for 24 hours.
  • Wear mineral makeup to conceal redness the day following your treatment.
  • Avoid active cosmeceuticals for 2-3 days.
  • Leave crusts or flaking skin to slough away naturally.
  • Book a complementary follow up consultation at 4 weeks after your last treatment to assess your result.

Results & Appointments

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Our website uses cookies to help understand and improve your experience. Please let us know if that's okay by you.